Morning Gratitude

8 10 2011

10 things that I am grateful for today and why.

1.   The sun , it is directly proportionate to tomato sweetness.
2.  My health, the better I treat myself the easier it is to do so.
3.  A good head of hair- Cause, 40 with a full head of not yet graying hair is awesome.
4.  Abundant food and clean water- Not so universal, good for perspective.
5.  A great and inexpensive place to live- 1.5 acres in Northern CA, with lots of chickens!
6.  Maintaining good habits- an absolutely new experience for me that keeps on giving.
7.  Opportunities- The more I look the more I find.
8.  My family- The purpose for all good change.
9.  Intuition- being always, in the right place at the right time ROCKS!

10. Freshly laid eggs- Cause, DAMN!

What are you grateful for today?




One response

8 10 2011

The snow in the mountains. It is coming down!! My husband and I will see our college-aged kids this weekend. Yay!

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